Villa Buonanno is an eighteenth century villa. It belonged to the Bammacaro noble family. Nicola Buonanno became the owner in 1857 when he married Camilla Bammacaro, so it became Buonanno’s property. Today Villa Buonanno is a luxurious Relais and the owners are Laura Greco and Giuseppe De Falco. The property has a restaurant, “Torre Platta”, this means flat tower, as peaseants called it. The villa, in fact, ruled over a vast latifundia. Until 1927 there was no electricity or water, but there were three wells for water collecting. Among the most important crops were grapes and tomatoes. At the end of August in the courtyard of the Villa it was cooked tomato sauce. The estate was cultivated for 5-6 families living in the countryside around the villa in some houses called “bassi”. The ground floor of the house was not inhabited. There was the cellar and refuge for carriages. The courtyard gave access to the garden which was surrounded by a wall. On the upper floors there were the lords. On the main floor there was a large room of 80 square meters used for the most important guests: a large sofa and two consoles. Two terraces instead were for entertainment. There was a long kitchen with fireplace, but there were no bathrooms. Each room was equipped with a pitcher for water and chamber pot.

The news about Villa Buonanno, his family and especially Mary Buonanno, are told in the book entitled “Mary Buonanno Schellembrid History: Braidense library during the war years from rescue to reconstruction” written by Luigi Zanzi and published by Hoepli.









The 4 suites of the Relais and tasting traditional menu are dedicated to some characters.

Mary Buonanno Schellembrid Director of Briadense Library. Italian heroine who saved thousands of books from the fury of the German Third Reich. Its history has been unknown for decades.

Gennaro Buonanno Father of Mary. Very young he went to the North Italy, where he was first a teacher and then employees in public libraries. Then, he returned to Naples, which he loved so much.

Giuseppe Schellembrid Mary’s husband and cousin. “Romantic” man, went volunteer in the War of 15′-18 ‘by stopping the forensic practicum activities started in Naples.

Livia Schellembrid Only child of Mary, Livia has kept all the events and memories of Villa Buonanno tied beloved mother, converged in the book by Luigi Zanzi.








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